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Staff at Festivus 5K for Autism fundraiser


The Northshore Education Consortium (NEC), one of the first educational collaboratives in Massachusetts, opened its doors to students in 1975.

Thirty years later, educational budget cuts combined with rising costs made it necessary for the organization to begin pursuing other funding to ensure the continuation of high quality services and content offered in NEC programs.

In 2005, NEC’s Board of Directors created a non-profit arm of the organization solely devoted to fundraising and development. This entity, The Friends of the Northshore Education Consortium (Friends), pursues funding for general operating and programmatic costs via grant proposals, events and major gift donations.

This volunteer advisory board is comprised of educational professionals, parents and area business leaders who have created a comprehensive fundraising strategy, and are committed to seeing NEC succeed.

Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Highlights

  • Revenue of $324,500

  • $42,700 donated to our Tribute Program

  • $25,500 received from grants

  • $36,126 was raised during our annual appeal; our highest year ever

  • A $150,000 gift was received from Linzee and Beth Coolidge. This is a multi-year gift for purposes specific to advancements in technology, sensory integration, the arts, and the building of a rock climbing wall. Funds were granted July 2017 from the Belinda Fund.


$250,000 Technology Campaign

The Northshore Education Consortium launched a $250,000 campaign in 2015 to meet the critical need for classroom technology. To date, we have raised $206,000. The following foundation grants have been of tremendous assistance in moving us towards our goal. (as of 6/30/18)

John W. Alden Trust – $15,000

East Boston Savings Bank Charitable Foundation – $15,000

Doug Flutie Foundation (Allison Keller Education Technology Program) – $5,000

People’s United Charitable Foundation of Eastern Massachusetts – $20,000

Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation – $17,000

Piccolo Family Charitable Foundation – $2,500

Other Foundation Support

Fiscal Year 2018 Grants (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018)

  • Cell Signaling Technology – $5,000 environmental grant for Northshore Academy Upper School Outdoor Adventures Program

  • Cummings Foundation – $20,000 from multiyear $100K for 100 grant for exercise and movement at the Kevin O’Grady School.

  • East Boston Savings Bank Charitable Foundation – $5,000 for Chromebooks

  • New England Biolabs Corporate Contributions – $3,000 for Kevin O’Grady School vocational program

  • People’s United Charitable Foundation of Eastern Massachusetts – $10,000 for Chromebooks

  • Piccolo Family Charitable Foundation – $2,500 technology grant

  • We are pleased to be a recipient of a $100Kfor100 grant from the Cummings Foundation. (5-year grant 2013 – 2018)

Fiscal Year 2019 Grants (as of February 13, 2019)

  • Bruce J. Anderson Family Foundation – $5,000 for “LAN Parties” at the Northshore Academy Upper School

  • East Boston Savings Bank Charitable Foundation – $5,000 for Chromebooks

  • John W. Alden Trust – $10,000 for Youth Mental Health First A
    id training

  • van Otterloo Family Foundation – $25,000 for staff training in collaborative problem solving

  • Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation – $125,000 Two-year grant to pilot a wraparound program for at risk students. $69,000 awarded for 2019

Friends of NEC Annual Report

Each year, Friends of NEC reports it’s financial data from the previous fiscal year. The following reports are from the past four fiscal years.

2018 Friends of NEC Annual Report

2017 Friends of NEC Annual Report

2016 Friends of NEC Annual Report

2015 Friends of NEC Annual Report

Friends of NEC Board of Directors

Friends of NEC Board

Graham Bacheller, President, Lincoln Investment Planning

Cindy Johnson, Vice President, EBSCO & NEC Parent

Margot Abels, Northeastern University & NEC Parent

Andrea Kantaros, retired from People’s United Bank

Elma Mandzo-Jonvanic, First Ipswich Bank

Debra Margolis, Spaulding Rehabilitation

Bridget McGuiness, New England Consortium at UMass Lowell & NEC Parent



Fran Rosenberg, Executive Director

Deborah Gardner Walker, Grants Manager

Sarah Seiler, Development Director