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For more information or to make a referral, we invite you to contact:

Charles LeBuff, Director

Topsfield Vocational Academy

248 Boston Street

Topsfield, MA 01983

Phone: 978-887-8881 / Fax: 978-887-2745





Topsfield Vocational Academy provides students with an opportunity to enhance their middle school or high school educational experience with hands-on vocational training.  The program offers smaller-sized vocational and academic classrooms for students who need social, emotional, and behavioral interventions.  Students learn to make responsible choices and develop self-control.

Topsfield Vocational Academy offers an academic curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core Standards.  Students participate in core academic classes as well as a wide variety of vocational experiences.  These include on-site woodworking and culinary arts programs and many different off-site opportunities such as auto shop, sheet metal, and child care.




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