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The NEC Family Center provides educational programs that offer the highest quality of learning opportunities for families, educators and others who impact the lives of children and teens.





Workshops provide an opportunity for parents, grandparents, and other family members to become knowledgeable in areas that relate to their child. The workshops are facilitated by expert speakers from within our community. Workshops offer a place where families can meet other families with similar interests. Workshops are free or have a minimal fee. All workshops are open to the public. Professionals are welcome.

Support Groups

Parent support groups are offered through the collaboration of the Parent/Professional Advocacy League (PAL) and focus on supporting parents and grandparents with behaviorally challenging children. Groups are facilitated by a professional and based on peer support. The groups are held monthly in the Family and Professional Learning Center at Northshore Education Consortium. Groups are confidential, free and open to the public.

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    For families and professionals. Open to the public. Free.

    No Sibling Left Behind By and For Siblings of People with Disabilities

    Date/Time: November 30, 2017 / 7PM-8:30PM

    Location: NEC Family Center at the Northshore Education Consortium

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    Managing Challenging Behaviors at Home – Holiday Edition

    Date/Time: Wed, December 6, 2017/ 10AM-11:30AM

    Location: NEC Family Center at the Northshore Education Consortium

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    Registration is required for all workshops!

    To register for workshops please email Sheila Guiney or call (978) 232-9755 ext. 1946

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    Parent Support Groups


    2nd Thursday of each month – First meeting on October 12th

    • 12:00pm (parents/caregivers of students ages 15-22)

    • 6:30pm (parents/caregivers of students attending Lower or Upper School)

    1st Wednesday of each month – First meeting on October 4th

    • 10-11am (parents/caregivers of KOG students ages 3-15)


    The Family & Professional Learning Center,  Northshore Education Consortium

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    Thurs, 12pm Group  

    Thurs, 6:30pm Group  

    Wed, 10am Group

    Support Group RSVP Contacts:

     Sheila Guiney(for Thurs. groups)

    Alison Dudley (for Wed. group)