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In the school year 2019-2020, NEC began to build a more robust program for serving the ELs (English Learners) in our school population through the creation of a part-time ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher position, held by Kristen Vaisvila. In the school year 2020-2021, Kristen’s role was expanded to full-time ESL Teacher and ELE (English Language Education) Coordinator. Our purpose in creating this position is to provide ESL services for students who are learning English in addition to receiving specialized instruction to meet their other unique educational needs. We currently have students at each school in the Consortium who are designated to receive ESL services or have been designated to receive them in the past. 





Here are some great resources for educators who have ELs in their classrooms, or any school staff who want to know more about best practices for teaching, leading, or interacting with English Learners or other students from a multilingual or multicultural background. 

Links for free online dictionaries and translation services:

Learner’s Dictionary

Illustrated Math Dictionary

Word Reference

DeepL Translator

Reverso Translator 

Strategies and Tips:

12 Ways to Support ELs in the Mainstream Classroom

6 Essential Strategies for Teaching ELLs

7 Tips for School Counseling with ELL Students 

GO TO Strategies for teaching and sheltering English for ELLs (see pdf linked at bottom of the page) 

Culturally Responsive Teaching:

Culturally Responsive Teaching in Special Education

5 Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies 

Culturally Responsive Teaching: What you need to know




If you have any questions about the ELE program at NEC, please reach out to:

Kristen Vaisvila

ESL Teacher & ELE Coordinator

Phone: 978-232-9755 ext 1347

Email: kvaisvila@nsedu.org