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Providing clinical wraparound community based services & short term case management to students and their families.




The NEC Connections Wraparound Program is available to our member public school districts and is made possible by a generous grant from the Peter and Elizabeth Tower Foundation.

The program provides clinical wraparound, community based services, and short term case management to students and their families. The program is designed to provide an additional resource when students or their families are experiencing challenges, mental health or otherwise, that are impacting the student’s ability to thrive in school.

Program Highlights

  • Family Centered

  • Team Based

  • Collaboration

  • Community Based

  • Culturally Competent

  • Individualized

  • Strengths Based

  • Outcome Based


Referral Process


Who is Eligible?

This is a voluntary program, so services are provided with parent/guardian permission. Any student may be a recipient, regardless of grade or special education status. This program is currently available to students who are both in general education and special education.

Initial Referral:

The student’s public school district is responsible for identifying students in need and initiating the referral.

Assessment & Consultation:

Once the initial referral is made, the NEC Connections Wraparound Clinician will meet with school staff and family members to assess the situation and make recommendations for appropriate community-based services, provide consultation to school based staff and help families navigate/access necessary supports.




For more information regarding the NEC Connections Wraparound Program contact:

Jennifer Orlando, M Ed, LMHC, SAC

Wraparound Clinician

Phone: 978-473-0673


Click Here to download the Connections Wraparound Program brochure.