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Holiday fun and caring for those in need have been a focus in our programs this month. The Kevin O’Grady School enjoyed a recent visit from the big guy in the red suit himself — yes, Mr. Kris Kringle — and all of our programs took part in a sale of holiday gifts that they had made. The jewelry making class at the Northshore Academy Upper School sold an array of beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets, all designed and handcrafted by the students. The Kevin O’Grady School and Transition Program students sold ornaments, sweets and stocking stuffers and hand decorated gift bags filled with flowers from 1800Flowers.com. It was a lot of fun. Students in classroom 133 at KOG organized a food drive for My Brother’s Table, a social service agency in Lynn, and gift cards for Hero Helpers of America.

Santa & his elf visited the Kevin O’Grady School. Taylor told Santa what she’d like for Christmas!

Northshore Academy Upper School students in the jewelry making class sold some of their beautifully designed earrings, necklaces and bracelets at the holiday gifts sale.

Kevin O’Grady School students sold a lot of gift items, sweets and stocking stuffers.

Students in classroom 133 at the Kevin O’Grady School led a food drive for My Brother’s Table, a social service agency in Lynn. 

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