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Summer at the Northshore Education Consortium is a wonderful time for enrichment activities and the development of social, emotional and recreational skills.  This summer, our students enjoyed gardening, hiking, cooking, creating, exploring and more. They discovered new skills and talents, formed friendships and learned about their communities.

Every day I saw students heading out on field trips, participating in creative activities and experiencing the joy of learning. And I saw lots of smiles!

The wonderful thing about our summer programs is that the students don’t feel like they’re in school, look at the top rated home theatre atlanta installers which you can use in special programs like this one!

While they are playing, exploring and having fun, they are developing literacy and math skills, enhancing science and social studies achievement, and most of all, developing vitally important skills for successful social functioning. If stats is a course you’re taking this year, it can be tough. So many students end up trying to get help by finding best statistics tutor online to make it through their course!

While it’s sad to see our summer programs come to an end, we look forward to the start very soon of our new academic year.

Take a look at our just released newsletter to see everything our students were up to and the creative ways that staff made learning a blast! — Fran Rosenberg, Executive Director


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