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6th Graders Biome!


October in Review!

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, learners of the NSA Lower School were among hundreds of other local school children, enjoying the sights and sounds at the Topsfield Fair. The sky looked gloomy at the start of the trip but that in no way dampened the spirits of the busload of children who left NSA Lower School around 9:15 for a few hours of agricultural enlightenment. Once at the fair, the skies cleared and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Children were able to enjoy shows which included an exhibition of a U.S. Customs K-9 unit, pig races and balloon creation demonstrations and music for the younger children. They also went to many of the exhibit halls including the Great Pumpkin Contest, Rabbits, Sheep, Pigs and the Bee Keepers Exhibit where a majority of the students were able to locate the queen bee and received a ribbon for their keen eyesight. A highlight of the day though for many, was the opportunity to purchase one of the many culinary treats that the fair has to offer. A good time was had by all of the staff and learners who attended the fair and it turned out to be an exciting enriching day.

October was filled with pumpkins and more pumpkins in Ms.Crighton’s classroom! The classroom pumpkin was explored, inside and out. The learners loved getting their hands messy when emptying out the pumpkin. For math they measured the pumpkins height with cubes, counted the lines on the pumpkin, made an estimate of how many seeds were in the pumpkin, and counted how many seeds there actually were by putting them into groups of ten. Most learners guessed there would be around 100 seeds but were surprised to find out that our pumpkin had 360! The class read many books on pumpkins but the class favorite seemed to be “Pumpkin Jack” written by Will Hubbell. This book followed a boy and his jack o’ lantern named Jack that begin to rot and was put in his backyard where he observed the pumpkin grow the next fall. This got the students excited about learning about the life cycle of pumpkins. The class pumpkin is now in Ms. Crighton’s yard so that she can take pictures to bring in for the children to see how it changes over time. In Language Arts class, learners worked on listing descriptive words for pumpkins, and recently wrote an acrostic poem using the word pumpkin. It has been an exciting month full of the many changes of fall for children to observe.

Ms. Sue’s class has been working on nouns, verbs and adjectives as part of our Language Arts block.  They have been doing many activities on the Smart Board along with writing, games and group activities.  The learners are really “learning” the concept of nouns, verbs and adjectives and having fun doing it.  The on-line reading program, Raz-Kids, also reinforces these concepts.

This month Mrs. Chase’s class has been working efficiently in Science! The learners have been learning about the six different Biomes of the world. In class, Ms. Chase’s learners have spent a great deal of time discussing, reading and doing research on each individual Biome and it’s specific characteristics. For the last two weeks, the learners have been working hard in class to complete a 3D mobile that describes each of the five Biomes as well as it’s specific characteristics. On Friday, October 31st each learner brought in their Biome project and presented them to the class. They all did a FANTASTIC job! This class also welcomed Corey Walker to the role of paraprofessional. Corey has been substituting with us and we are happy to have him on board. He has been a great professional jumping right to support the learners.

We had our first school wide fundraiser selling cookie dough. Thirteen learners participated to raise over 500 dollars! We will expect inventory in an approximately two weeks for parents to pick up. We will contact you when we get the inventory in.