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In June, I attended eight graduation ceremonies at five different Consortium programs: high school graduations for students moving on to college or employment, individual graduations for students moving on to adult programs, and preschool graduations for students moving up to elementary school.

Although these ceremonies were each unique, they shared some common elements: rooms filled with beaming parents, friends, family members, and staff members who watched with pride as students, who had overcome tremendous obstacles, received their diplomas.

In some cases, our students don’t have the cognitive or language skills to express what these milestones mean to them. In other instances, our students were quite eloquent.

They spoke about debilitating depression, overcoming drug addiction and how you can start understanding What to Expect from Inpatient Rehab?, the fears and anxieties that they have faced during their school careers, their struggles with learning.

They spoke about the learning opportunities they’ve had at school, favorite classes, field trips, internships and jobs. And, they spoke about the importance of the support that they received from staff members, family and friends. We are so proud of all of our graduates. — Fran Rosenberg, Executive Director


Nine students graduated from Embark and six from SOAR, two of our transition programs for young adults.

Seventeen courageous students, who struggled with overcoming addiction while meeting academic requirements, graduated from the Northshore Recovery High School. “You have faced obstacles that many of your peers could never imagine and you’ve come out the other side,” said Francine Rosenberg, Executive Director in her address to the graduates. “These young people are our future. They are brave, they are strong. Many of our grads have completed college, are currently attending college or military, or are working. They are productive and give back to their communities, and many give back to us,” said RHS Principal Michelle Lipinski.

Kevin O’Grady School preschool graduate


Ten students graduated from the Northshore Academy Upper School and 10 adorable children graduated from the Kevin O’Grady School’s integrated preschool.

Northshore Academy Upper School grads


I have been at Embark for three years and now I feel I am ready to graduate. I have been really lucky to have Chris as my teacher. I just love her! I also work at the Kevin O’ Grady school with Debbie in the What’s Brewin’ Café. We make sandwiches and salads for all the teachers. Debbie is a great help and very funny! Courtney has been like a big sister to me. She helps me with everything and I love being around her. – Vincenza Piantedosi, Middleton

Rosina, Embark graduate and her family


I grew up in Micronesia and now live in Rockport. When I first came to Embark I felt nervous and happy. I will miss all my friends and all my teachers when I leave…. I learned public transportation and how to make an itinerary from my teachers at Embark…. I volunteered and now have a paid job at Brookhouse. I plan to keep my job at Brookhouse after graduation and keep looking for jobs closer to my home. I want to thank everyone in my family, all my friends and teachers for helping to make my dreams come true. Most of all I want say thanks to my Mom for believing in me. – Rosina Saimon, Rockport


Kaili, Recovery High School graduate


This was the day I was looking forward to when I was younger, and here I am, dreading it. I never thought I would enjoy high school until I came here. This school has given me the most useful tools I could use in this ugly world. Each and every teacher in this school has made a huge impact on my life. I do not like calling you guys my teachers, because you are my family. Recovery High School has been the only consistent, safe place for me in the last three years. I may switch homes often, but every day I wake up, I know where I am going to be: Recovery High School. This school has shown me that I do not have to do everything alone. You have revealed to me that even when we are down and out, we need to keep pushing through — there is light at the end of the tunnel. – Kaili Awalt

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