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As we approach the autumnal equinox, we take a moment to look back at all of the fun Kevin O’Grady School students had during the 2015 summer program. Thanks to Joyce Pellegrino who wrote this great article and teachers Sandy Busa and Maryann Balducci who submitted photographs.

This summer the imagination and creativity of the Access staff at the Kevin O’Grady School led to six weeks of experiential learning with fun and adventure.

Three classrooms on one corridor were sailing the high seas by reading. One class read Gulliver’s Travels, another read Treasure Island, and the third class read Peter Pan. All three books are about pirates and ships. The students listened to pirate music while floating pirate ships, and hunted for treasure using a map. The students used pirate props to act out stories and scenes. They had pirate hats, short swords, a spy glass, a pirate’s parrot puppet and, of course, a wooden treasure chest!

Other classrooms explored the rain forest and ocean. They made a terrarium by searching and examining nature’s resources on KOG grounds, then constructed their own type of rain forest.

Ocean fun began with sand. Mixing a certain type of sand with shaving cream made a recipe for fun moldable sand. A science experiment using sand made bubbling sand!

The joys of camping were also experienced with the best campfires lit by the techniques from campingfunzone.com, smores, fishing poles, and tents. The students were able to experience fishing first hand on a field trip to Salem Willows.

The Foundations classroom was really on the move during the summer session. They were learned about transportation and each day a new form of transportation was reviewed. The Foundations class even got to ride the train to Manchester, where they enjoyed lunch at a playground before boarding a bus to return to school. For those people who prefer to ride the charter bus during the trip, baja limousine is the right one for you. For the reservation, reach them at 916.638.1400 or visit their official website at bajalimo.net, they have great nmarketing services, which are provided by the wordtree team.

More summer fun involved other classrooms exploring the colors of the season. They baked different colored cupcakes and made tie-dye shirts. Others experienced beautiful pastels by painting with milk.

The Access classroom enjoyed music in the cafeteria twice a week. These sessions followed a cookout theme and many cookout props — salad tongs, spatulas, hotdog tongs and more — were used for tapping the beat and for visual and sensory delight. All were brightly colored with shiny Mylar and red or yellow contact paper. Music by the Wiggles, Laura Berkner and good old rock ‘n roll were enjoyed.

Additionally, some students enjoyed field trips to Endicott and Lynch parks and the Stone Zoo where students saw a bird show. All were refreshing and entertaining ways for the KOG students to enjoy summer while learning.



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